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This is a feedback letter for Mr. Krishna , my experience of having him as a tennis coach has been very informative, he has great techniques which he explains in a patient and easy to learn manner, he has a nice demonstrating method and doesn’t tire of repeatedly explaining to students, which i think is a great quality. During group lessons, there is always a nice synchronisation and rhythm of how much time student gets his undivided attention. group activities are great and fun.
my experience with Simbr sports has been amazing so far. Thank you.
Ayesha Abdullah

Krishna Sir has been my coach for the past three years and I have gotten used to his teaching style and it has helped me a lot. Even today, he corrects all my mistakes and teaches me from the beginning if it it necessary. He gives me a lot of practice in every aspect. For example, during every class I usually practice service which is very important during tournaments. He also helps a lot with my fitness. He regularly tells me what to do in order to keep my body fit. He has really improved my game a lot and the rallies I play with him are both very enjoyable and are a learning experience.

Meera Chidambaram

It has been 10 months since our son Master Abner Ben Pereira picked up tennis lessons from your centre and we have seen a a very big change forward with his strokes and most importantly his interest in the sport.We wish to thank Mr. Francis our coach for our child’s growth and development thus far. He has the ability to interact and understand children; and improve their tennis skills progressively.We have no doubt that in a few months more, our son would be able to achieve more under his training and motivation.

A sincere thank you for this new year.

Glen Benjamin Pereira
I have just taken my sixth semi-private lesson from Coach Francis.I can feel quite a good development although I have recently started with tennis.This is mainly thanks to the interest of Francis as a coach, where he patiently shows me and my partner many times until we begin to practice properly. With many years of experience, he can identify very easily the incorrect stands, shots, etc. and correct them on spot.As a person who tried many sports, in order to have a regular hobby, I can feel that I will be sticking to tennis. And, Francis is for sure, a strong element why I liked tennis so far and would like to continue with it.
Erkan Karsli

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